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Automatic Barrier Systems


Automatic Barrier Systems For Modern Workplace Settings


An automatic barrier system installation can be used in a wide range of commercial settings. Aluminium solutions offer a low-level and lightweight option for areas like staff car parks while heavy-duty barrier automation can be used to facilitate access for trucks and larger vehicles.


An automatic barrier system installation will support your company in many ways, such as;


  • Provide protection by avoiding unauthorised access to the premises,

  • Create an unmanned access point that needs no human workers,

  • Give your company the sense of professionalism from the first interaction,

  • Offer employees and guest an increased sense of security for their vehicles,

  • Monitor who is on-site at any given time as well as entry/exit times.


Barrier automation can be used for office buildings, warehouses, public car parks, retail parks, and a host of other settings. Stress-free site management is assured.


Comprehensive UK Automatic Barrier System Installation Services


From conception to completion, we believe in offering clear communication to ensure that your automatic barrier installation is completed with your budget and business needs in mind. We have a wide range of standard arm barriers and built to order solutions to choose from.


Key features that can take your automatic barrier installation include;


  • Introduce solar-powered units for an eco-friendly and efficient solution,

  • Included advanced vehicle recognition with number plate identification,

  • Add  design features like colour schemes to match your brand,

  • Use different programming options to meet your ongoing business needs.


Barrier automation can achieve a lot for your business and our UK experts work with you to design and deliver the perfect solution. Get in touch to learn more today.

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