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Automatic Bollard Systems


Automatic Bollard System Installation For All Settings


An automatic bollard system installation can be used to create pedestrian zones, bus gates, traffic control zones, and more. They are a modern feature that can be erected and retracted to promote versatile security systems that work wonders in an array of situations. 


For both commercial and residential locations, they can deliver a range of functions, like;


  • Protecting high-risk properties like government buildings,

  • Managing pedestrian and vehicle traffic with calming solutions,

  • Providing visual lighting and audio instructions in key areas,

  • Preventing unauthorised access to areas during out of office times,

  • Creating a professional brand image.


Premium quality automatic bollards are also safety tested against impact damage and comply with all UK safety regulations for guaranteed safety.

Automatic Bollard System Installation Made Easy


An automatic bollard installation can transform your commercial settings by protecting premises and employees while also adding convenience for visitors and the public. The technology has evolved greatly and we utilise the latest product features.


Aside from ensuring you have the best models on the market, our experts will;


  • Work closely with you to select the best automatic bollards for your brief,

  • Ensure that all bollards are installed correctly and in line with UK regulations,

  • Install automatic wood bollards, wrought iron bollards, or aluminium bollards.

  • Create bollards that are matched to your brand colours (if required),

  • Complete a full installation and equipment test without causing too much downtime.


Automatic bollards add flexible security and traffic management solutions that are ideal for residential, commercial and public spaces. Arrange a consultation to find out more!

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