Turnstiles are designed to efficiently manage the flow of people in various settings while ensuring security and safety 

Controlled Access turnstiles are created with specialist features such as automatic release and drop-away anti-panic arms to ensure safety during emergencies. What features are included depends on the turnstile model chosen. Our local team are happy to advise you on the best solution for your needs and budget. 
A Brief Breakdown of the Key Features of Turnstiles 
Entry and exit management 
Easily control, optimise and manage the entry and exit of people 
Suitable for events, public spaces, and small and even large businesses. 
Improve safe crowd management 
Improve efficiency, freeing up staff time for other tasks 

How YOU Can Benefit From Controlled Access Installed Turnstiles  Turnstiles offer several benefits that can be enjoyed across a wide range of settings. Some of the key advantages of using our turnstiles include: 

Enhanced Security 
Turnstiles are an effective security measure to control access to a restricted area. They allow only one person to pass through at a time, making it difficult for unauthorised individuals or larger numbers to enter unnoticed. 
People Traffic Management 
Well-designed and installed turnstiles help manage the flow of people in crowded areas, such as stadiums, public transport stations, and office buildings which prevents overcrowding. They also ensure safe, smooth and organised movement of individuals between areas and into/out of a setting. 
Data Collection 
Some turnstile systems are equipped with sensors and counters to collect data on the number of people passing through. This data can be valuable for crowd management, facility planning, and security analysis. This kind of data collection is used to show you when a car park is full, for example. 
Saving Money With Turnstiles 
Controlled Access turnstiles can reduce the need for manned security staff at access points. This can result in cost savings and more efficient use of staff. 
Easy Access Turnstile Control 
Our turnstiles can be integrated with our access control systems, such as key card readers or biometric scanners. This ensures that only authorised individuals can enter a particular area. This is beneficial in a business setting as well as at events. 
Ticket Validation 
In settings like public transport stations or amusement parks, turnstiles can be used to validate tickets or access passes, preventing fare evasion or unauthorised entry. 
Keeping Intruders Out 
The physical presence of turnstiles can act as a deterrent to potential intruders. This reduces the likelihood of security breaches. As our turnstiles can be integrated with other systems, such as CCTV they further enhance the security of any location. Talk to us about integrating new turnstiles with existing or new security systems. 
Turnstile Customisation to Suit Needs 
Turnstiles come in various styles, including full-height, waist-high, and optical barriers. This allows businesses and organisations to choose the type that best suits their security and aesthetic requirements. 
Turnstiles Address Safety Issues 
The right turnstiles for your setting enhance safety by ensuring that only one person passes through at a time. This reduces the risk of accidents or unauthorised access in areas where safety is a concern. Our top-quality turnstiles are designed to be sturdy and safe. The automatic release feature allows the turnstiles to unlock or open during emergencies, allowing for a quick and unimpeded exit if needed. 

Turnstiles From Controlled Access 

Our turnstiles provide an effective, safe and versatile solution for controlling access, enhancing security, and managing the movement of people in a wide range of environments. 
Please note: Features and capabilities may vary depending on the exact model and configuration of the turnstiles.  
If you’re considering implementing these turnstiles in a particular setting, get in touch so we can ensure you have the best solution for you. 

At Controlled Access, our commitment to customer service is our top priority. 

The Controlled Access Promise 

Our team of seasoned local experts is at your service from initial design and installation to assisting with any repairs or upgrades you may require in the future. 
Discover the impact of Controlled Access turnstiles on your property or event location. 

Contact us for a no-obligation quote for a Controlled Access Turnstiles or Speedgates. 

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